Thrift Shopping Tips

Thrift Shopping Tips

I mentioned in an earlier post that I'm cleaning and reorganizing my clothes closet. Well, there's more to the story than I mentioned. I started thrift shopping, and I've discovered so many treasures, that I can't make my closet work without doing some reorganizing.

My niece took me to a thrift shop while I was in Maine. She chose a shop in an affluent neighborhood. The results were great for me. I found upper scale brand named clothing at ridiculously low prices. I was overwhelmed by the choices, so I knew I had to have a strategy for my future thrift shopping.  Here's what I learned...

Look for details. One of my recent shopping trips produced a beautiful classic jacket I can wear for years. What drew me to the jacket was the white piping. It was a detail I knew would make this jacket pop when wearing it with black, white, or red. 

Even though the jacket is classic, I can pair it with white jeggings for a fun look, as well as dress slacks. So, besides having great detail, it is versatile. Price of jacket was $2.24.

Look for fun items. Sometimes we don't want to spend a large amount on an item that we have few pieces to go with it. We want the most bang for our buck. Thrift shopping gives you a chance to buy those fun items and not feel guilty. The print jeans below are a good example of a special treat. 


These Chico Girlfriend jeans are my happy jeans. They are a turquoise and white swirl print. I paired them with a tee and some silver sandals. Cost of jeans, $4.98.

Think of new ways to use an item. The picture at the top of the page is another thrift find. It's a pinstriped shirt that was too big for me. I still bought it because I knew it would make a great cover for my sleeveless tanks. The shirt is one of Chico's no iron blouses that retails for $69+. I paid $1. 

My final suggestion is simple. Don't buy an item just because it's a good price. If it won't work for you, it will just sit in your closet. Think about how you will use it. 

Happy shopping, my friends!


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