Fun Shoes: Why Yes!

Fun Shoes: Why Yes!

I'll be the first to say that I love shoes. I just wish I had more room in my closet. But I have to be realistic. You can only wear so many shoes. Oh, but what fun to find a pair of shoes that makes your heart race. My first thought is what can I create for an outfit to showcase my new shoes?

I discovered a pair of shoes in Marshall's last week that I had to have. Besides, they were on sale, so Yes!

These are not expensive shoes, so I wasn't sure they would be comfortable, but they are. I love the black and brown chevron pattern and the black straps. I can't wait to try them with black, but also with my skinny jeans. My jean inspired outfit is below. 

I played off the chevron with a shirt jacket with a similar pattern. Because the shoes had a bronze tone, I chose a necklace with black, gold, and silver tones. However, instead of wearing it as a necklace, I wore it as a belt. 

I added a cinnamon brown purse, as well.

I shared my inspiration on a community website I belong to called 40+style and received great feedback. It's amazing how one piece can inspire us to create fun outfits.

What's in your closet waiting for you to showcase?

Have a wonderful day, Everyone!


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