Floral Prints for Fall

Floral Prints for Fall

If you haven't seen the floral prints for fall, please take the time to shop or peruse the catalogs. I'm so excited about all the choices. The fall florals are richer and deeper in color than spring florals. You'll see navy blue, black, green moss, and even a copper background for deep reds, rose/pink, orange and gold flowers. Some of the florals are two toned and small prints, while others are bold and multi-colored. 

I never used to be a fan of bold prints, but now I embrace these exciting combinations. At first, I ventured to only scarves, but now I'm loving tops. Perhaps, I'll try bold floral pants next. 

My advice when creating your floral print outfits is simple. Decide how much you want to enhance the print, or if you want it to stand alone as the focal point. That decision will help you determine how to accessorize. My two outfits today are floral tops. Let's start with my large print 3/4 sleeve top.

This is a real fall choice. The colors are dark, yet bold. I wanted the floral top to be the focal point, so my accessories are minimal. You can't see it, but I chose a simple gold chain necklace and my bracelet is narrow. My shoes do match the background in the top which helps bring out that lovely gold tone color. I kept with a simple black purse. 

My next outfit consists of an open tie blouse. 

The flowers in this top are brighter, but there's a lot of black background, so accessorizing with black keeps the look more subdued. A pop of color would enhance the floral print.

 As you can see, a rose pink purse helps bring out the flowers in this piece. It's all about choices. 

If floral tops or bottoms are too bold for you, consider a scarf or a purse. I found some great choices while shopping. You can tie a scarf onto your purse for added pizazz. I do this often. Whatever you choose, let the floral piece be the focus. If you choose a floral scarf, you may want to keep with a solid top. Unless you are mixing patterns and that's another article :)

Enjoy your day and have fun creating. 


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