Shopping My Closet

Shopping My Closet

Jack and I had a busy summer visiting family and taking a cruise with my son and son-in-law. I'm now back home and doing some cleaning as well as organizing. My first tackle is my closet. 

As you know, I love to shop. Unfortunately, I can't seem to replace clothes when I buy new clothes. Hence, I end up with a crammed closet. 

Sometimes, purging is not always a good idea. While organizing, I discovered some treasures I had totally forgotten I still owned. One of those treasures was a black simple dress with Swiss beige dots. It's a great dress for creating outfits. I used to wear it with just black heels, but now I know many ways to change up this treasure. Below I added a brown belt, gold tone jewelry and brown booties. 

I posted this look on  the 40+Style Community site, and one lady suggested added black tights. Of course, I live in Florida, so it would never get cold enough. But, that suggestion inspired me. What about a pair of black leggings and change the dress to a long top? I would eliminate the brown belt and switch the brown booties to black booties. What fun to create with what we already have hidden in the back of our closets!

I also found a lovely blouse I purchased a few years back from a blogger I follow. I pulled it out and decided to recreate her look with the top. 

Sometimes, we need inspiration from others. I rarely wore the top, but now I know I will start wearing it more. 

My cleaning and organizing continues. Yes, I did purge some clothes and donated them to the Vietnam Vets of America. 

Sometimes we can find treasures in our closets when we decide to shop at home. It's fun to give life to old pieces and even recent purchases. 

Enjoy your day! If you get a chance, check out the back of your closet. You may be surprised. 


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