Touch of Gray

Touch of Gray

My mother used to refer to Monday as Blue Monday. She called it blue Monday because it was laundry day. The expression reminded me of a sad day. After all, we associate colors with feelings and blue can be a sad color, or it can be a relaxing color.

The same is true when we think of gray. It's sort of a dismal color, yet there are so many shades of gray that can be calming and soothing. I love silver gray, and I especially love a gray with a touch of lavender or blue. And you can't beat dark gray as a fashion stable. 

Today, my outfit is a touch of many grays. And what is great about this outfit is the cost to put it together. I spent little to make a big statement outfit. 

Let's take a look at what I created. 

I started with dark gray capris that I bought at Walmart. The capris are part of the new line of clothing called Time and Tru. Ladies, these capris are so comfortable and so affordable. You can get them for less than $15. 

Next I added a cream white top. I love dark gray and cream. It's a great combo. I bought this top at a Chico Outlet for about $15.

I then added my lovely scarf vest from Covered Perfectly. The colors are soft grays and creams with a touch of blue/gray. You can see it here. Use my code, PHG20 for 20% or buy 2 and get 1 free! 

I then added some jewelry that contain mother of pearl, a nice soft touch and pieces I've owned for years. 

My sandals are a violet gray. $12.99 at Target. My tote was a purchase this past spring at Walmart, $5. My narrow silver belt is reversible. I can wear it as either black or gray. I believe I bought it on sale for about $8.

You can create great outfits without spending a lot. The capris from Walmart are a perfect beginning for more terrific outfits. Perhaps red, green, or blue accessories?

Enjoy this lovely day. It's sunny here. Perfect for a gray, not dismal, outfit :)


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