The Perfect Swimsuit Bottom

The Perfect Swimsuit Bottom

When you live in Florida and have a pool, having more than one  swimsuit is the norm. For me, it means having eight or ten. That's right. I have many swimsuits because I'm always looking for something better. 

We cruise a lot, as well. I always take three or four suits, so I can depend on a dry suit at all times. 

My preference is the tankini. I love the idea of having a top and bottom, so I can buy each piece separately. It gives me the freedom to buy a different size for the top and bottom. 

I finally found a few tops that I love because I was able to buy them by the bra size. That always helps. I look for solid straps and avoid halter styles. I find that the tie around my neck pulls.

Bottoms, though, can be tricky. I have skirt bottoms and brief bottoms. The problem with the bottoms is how they sit on or below my waist. If I wear a swimsuit top that is more of an A-line style, the top floats up in the water exposing my midriff. I hate that. If the top is a straight line style, my midriff may bulge because the bottom cuts in at the waist. I lose that streamlined look. 

But finally, I have found the perfect bottom. It's a high waist brief. In fact, the side seam is 11 inches. It actually comes close to my bra line, so it gives me midriff support. It also doesn't ride up around my bottom. You can find this bottom at Swimsuits for All. They sell a variety of bottoms from skirts to shorts to briefs. The prices are reasonable, too. 

Here are two close ups to see how long the brief is and how it holds you in:

I hope this information helps those looking for the perfect suit. 

Have a wonderful day, Ladies!


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