The Perfect Summer Purse

The Perfect Summer Purse

I love purses or as we say in Maine, pocketbooks. I always stop and look at the purses when shopping. Sometimes, I buy a purse just because I like the look, regardless of the fact that my wallet will not even fit into it.

My hunt for purses is always ongoing. This past year, I've been looking for the perfect summer purse. I really wanted a straw purse with the round bamboo handles. Unfortunately, the ones I loved were always out of my price range. Until, I found something a little different than the straw purse that caught my eye.

I found a B.O.C. purse that met all the needs I wanted in a summer purse. I love the combination of off white and brown with gold detail. It also  has handles and a strap, so I can carry it a variety of ways:  crossed over, looped over my arm, or off my shoulders. 

It also has enough room for my wallet, phone, sunglasses, and most of the other items I really need.

This purse is my summer go to purse. I have many others, but this one will work with most items I wear during the summer months.

It works well with jeans.

And comfy skirts. 

So what do you look for in a summer purse? Start with what you wear most in the summer. Is it casual? business? classic? colorful? As a retired teacher, I rarely dress in business attire. My daily outfits are casual and comfortable. I wear color, but I lean towards classic looks that start with blue, black, or white. My purse looks great with my basic colors.

I also like a purse I can toss over my shoulders when shopping, but it must be nice enough to carry when out to dinner. 

I love large purses, so I can carry everything, but the reality is large purses can be bulky. For my go to purse, I want a size that is functional for my necessities, but streamlined enough to wear dressed up or down.

Cost is an important factor, too. Set your budget and stick to it. My budget was $50. My B.O.C. summer purse was $72. However, I bought it on sale and had a coupon. My final price was less than $40. 

Happy Shopping, Ladies!


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