The Perfect Summer Pant

The Perfect Summer Pant

When you think summer pants, do you think white linen? Linen is cool for summer, but I find that I can't handle the wrinkles. 

If I wear linen, it's a linen blend. I prefer cotton. It's breathable and easy to maintain.

And I love color but when I looked through my closet recently, I found that most of my summer pants are white, black and tan with, perhaps, a navy in the mix. I rarely buy colored slacks for summer because usually the reds, yellows, oranges, and blues are jeans, and that's too hot for Florida summers. 

Recently, I found the perfect summer pant in a rich color. They are from Chico's and are a great shade called Malibu Punch. These pants work for me: They are a cotton blend with a bit of spandex. The material is soft and comfortable. The length is crop style, perfect for sandals.  They are on sale at Chicos. You can see them here.

And here's my outfit I created with my new pants: 

Whenever I wear a color with punch to it, I try to keep with basic colors to complete my outfit. I want the pants, in this case, to take center stage. So I chose black and white. I don't like to wear more than 3 colors for my outfit. More than that and I find the combination to be busy. I like to keep it simple. 

In fact, I am wearing a statement bracelet and earrings in white, but no statement necklace. 

If I had worn a statement necklace, I wouldn't wear the bracelet, and the earrings would probably be simple. It's all about balance and the fact that less is more.

I even chose simple black sandals because of the detail in these pants, especially the cuff. I wanted the cuff to be the focus, not my sandals. 

I also chose a simple crossover purse in black. My white purse was the wrong shade of white for my shirt, so I opted for black since I didn't want to introduce another color.

So here's my recap.

You can find summer pants that are not white, black, or tan, and they don't have to be jeans! Look for comfortable materials that will withstand the summer heat. I prefer cotton blends, but you may want linen.

Choose a color you love. I chose coral because I have a number of coral print tops, as well as my basic white and black.

Think length. I like cropped or ankle because I will probably be wearing sandals and it's cooler when it's hot.

Think waist comfort. These particular pants have stretch in a regular waist band, so I can wear a belt and breathe.

Also, do you like pockets or not? That's your choice. 

Happy Fun Shopping!


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