Fun With Tees and Shorts

Fun With Tees and Shorts

I love wearing tees and shorts in the summer because they are so comfortable in the Florida weather. One thing I like to do is add a few accessories to make my simple outfit a little fun. 

First, I begin with my shorts. My choice is slightly above the knee in a straight style. I don't like wide leg shorts because I have skinny legs. I also like a slimmer look with few or no pockets. 

T-shirts are perfect for the hot weather. I prefer a 100% cotton shirt with either a V neckline or a scoop neck. I avoid men's tees because the necks are too high and the body is too straight. 

I then begin to accessorize. The result is below:

My first accessory is a hat. I like hats when the sun is out. I added a headband to match my tee, and picked out a purse that has the same tan color.

Jewelry combinations include an old lia sophia turquoise braided necklace and my sister's hand made braided leather bracelet we just put on Etsy. You can see her bracelet here.

I finished off with bronze sandals to match my purse, hat, and the brown beads in my necklace. All in all, everything came together for a cute and simple outfit. 

Enjoy the rest of your day. My computer is now underlining my typing and I can't seem to shut it off. Oh well, that's technology :)


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