Enjoying Hobbies

Enjoying Hobbies

I love retirement, but I do get restless. I have to be creating whether I'm writing, knitting, or sewing. One of my favorite relaxations is sewing scarves into kimonos or dusters. My sister and I have enjoyed this activity together. In fact, we have taken our wares to a number of arts and craft shows.

Even though I create other clothing items from scratch, I'm drawn to the endless possibilities of scarves. With all the patterns, fringe, and decorations on today's scarves, it's an endless world of new design.

My kimono today is one of my favorite finds. It has sparkly silver and gold fashion studs with long fringe.

The lavender color is soft, and the rayon material is light enough for summer.

I played with some outfits, but finally decided to display my scarf kimono with basic white. The results are below:

I'm wearing a darker lavender colored sleeveless tank with white capris. I tossed on my simple lavender/gray sandals, as well. Because the decorations on the scarf are a combination of gold and silver, I wore a mixed metal necklace. My earrings are silver and the bracelets are gold tone. I love mixing metals in jewelry. It's fun to break those old rules of all silver or all gold.  

As much fun as I had making this kimono, I did run into some problems. I broke two needles sewing through the fabric studs. I also found a small snag in the back of the material when I was ironing it. The snag changed my plans on selling this duster at a higher price.

But that's okay, if I don't get top dollar. I sew because it's a relaxing hobby that I love. I also love receiving comments from customers who are happy with the product. Many items I keep. I can't bear to part with them. 

If you don't have a hobby, perhaps this is the time to think about it. Maybe you're still working and time is slight. Regardless, getting lost in something you love is a great way to recharge yourself. 

And then you can go on to more accomplishments.

My kimono is on my Etsy site, Daisy Street Boutique. You can see it here

Have a wonderful day and weekend. I hope you find time to enjoy your favorite activities. 


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