Blue on Blue

Blue on Blue

Do you have a favorite color? Mine is blue. I have loved all shades of blue since I was a child. I find it a serene color, and my skin tone works with it. The only blues I can't wear are baby blues or dusty blues. They wash me out.

If your favorite color complements your skin tone, I bet you wear that color often and love how you feel wearing it. My sister's favorite color is yellow, and unfortunately, there are few yellows she can wear without making her look pale or even green. I've told her to wear yellow pants or accessorize with a yellow purse. That way she gets to wear her favorite.

My outfit today is filled with blue, right down to my necklace and earrings. 

I even added a blue purse. 

My sleeveless shell is identical to my jacket. Both are Chico's, so it's not surprising that the colors match. A quick tip for you: If you stay with a line of clothing, you can often match the chosen color perfectly.

My earrings and necklace have a number of shades of blue lending interest to the outfit. We don't want to be too matchy :)

I could have worn a white necklace and earrings. I could have used a white purse or white sandals. I could have added a third color such as rose. But today, I decided it was going to be blue with white jeggings as a contrast. Don't you love choices?

So pull out that favorite color and create an outfit. If you don't own an item that is blue, green, yellow, pink or whatever, look for it in accessories. Wearing your favorite color is such a mood booster. 

Have a wonderful weekend!


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