The Versatile Kimono

The Versatile Kimono

I'm always looking for cover ups for summer. I enjoy wearing tank tops, but I dislike my arms showing. The kimono, ruana, or duster is a perfect solution.

My sister and I have been busy designing light weight cover ups, and we are discovering that are customers love them. So, today I'm sharing some of our designs. If you're interested in any, follow the link. If you prefer purchasing a cover up in a department store, be sure to check out the accessories section. That's where you will find these awesome pieces.

I like a cover up that is just above my knees. I want it light and airy. This kimono is my type of cover up. It's a soft blue and peach pattern against an off white background. You can see it here.

I love color and a kimono that is open enough to tie. It creates a whole new look. You can see this cover up here.

The poncho style cover up is fun, too. I look for colorful and light weight tops that will fit easily over my tank top. You can see this top here. This particular top is a lovely chiffon material. I wasn't sure I would sell it.

Always try on your kimonos, ruanas, dusters, or poncho style cover ups. Make sure you have plenty of room, so you can wear a top underneath. I find that microfiber tanks work best for me because they don't cling to the light weight material of a cover up.

Enjoy your day, and I hope it's sunny and bright :)


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