Fun Accessorizing

Fun Accessorizing

Summer weather is here in the South and I know my friends in the North are experiencing warm weather, as well. I love wearing white when the temperatures start to creep up. I have white tops, white capris, white shorts, and of course, white jeans. 

I love to create outfits with white jeans because the possibilities are endless. You can bring out the white jewelry, the white purse, and the white sandals. It's also a great time to showcase simple white sneakers. But don't go overboard with white. Yes, you want to show off those jeans, but try a few white items and then think about adding the unusual for some fun. 

I decided on a white jean outfit that is a combination of white, red, and yes, my animal print sandals. The animal print sandals are unexpected, creating a fun look. 

The jean jacket is perfect with the animal print shoes. If it gets too warm, you still have a nice outfit without the jacket. 

I decided to wear a white bracelet and  necklace for my other accessories.

But I wanted the unusual, hence the animal print sandals. 

It's always fun to think outside the box and try not to get to matchy with the accessories. Yes, white sandals would look nice, but don't worry about shaking it up a bit.

Enjoy the day!


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