Black and White Simple

Black and White Simple

Memorial Day weekend is here, and most of you may be thinking red, white, and blue. There's no doubt that I love our country's colors, but sometimes I like to keep it simple. Today's post is about wearing black and white as a simple wardrobe choice. 

My first outfit is black jeans, white tank, white cardi and my favorite white sandals. 

I chose to keep my accessories simple. I'm wearing a statement bracelet but small pearl earrings. No statement necklace because I wanted the bracelet to have the spotlight.

Sometimes I like to toss on a white T shirt with black jeans for running errands. I like to use a black and white purse. Here's a note: When you wear a purse crossed over your frame, it's more casual. If you wear it off the shoulder, it's a more sophisticated look. 

Barb and I enjoy working with black and white when we are creating scarf wraps and kimonos. Here's one of my favorites:

You can see this kimono at our site, Daisy Street Boutique.

Black and white is a standard that will never go out of style. You can dress the combination up or keep it simple with a white tee. 
The possibilities are endless. 

Enjoy your weekend! Rain for us as a tropical system approaches. 


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