Soft Meets Bold

Soft Meets Bold

I love that fashion is more forgiving than in the past. It allows us to think outside the box. Who would of thought of wearing a jean jacket with a floral dress, or a T-shirt with dress pants when we were younger? And we never would have worn heels and a lacy top with distressed jeans.

The times have changed, though. We now can combine unusual pieces, so lace and torn jeans are a fashion statement. 

I still find myself leaning towards what is sensible, though. When I first wore my animal print shoes, I would pair them with black or brown. It made sense to me because the animal print is black and brown.

But today, I decided to change up my look. I slipped on a soft peach top and donned my bold animal print shoes. I like the look. It's chic, casual and makes a fashion statement.

The conservative and practical me would have worn a black top or black crops. Or I would have opted for a soft beige shoe. Not today. I took the advice of Chico's recent ad which challenges us to be bold. Of course, they were talking about all aspects of life, but I'm taking baby steps.

I also decided to try a hat with my soft top and bold shoes.

When I bought the hat, the cashier asked me if I wanted to put it on instead of bagging it. I immediately said, no. Now that I think about it, why didn't I put the hat on? I like it!

Ladies, let's be more creative and try different looks. Perhaps my look is pretty tame, but it's a start.

Enjoy your day!


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