Outfit of the Day

Outfit of the Day

With all the weather changes, it's fun to imagine that spring has arrived and summer is on its tail. I love to dress casual during the warm months, but sometimes I want to have a slight dressy appearance.

One of my favorite classic combinations is white and tan. I find it to be a clean look with a warm tone. When I combine the shades, I usually add accessories that are warm in tone, as well.

This outfit begins with a white cardi and white cotton slacks I bought from Cali and York. The cardi drapes in an asymmetrical line, which always makes us look taller and thinner. The slacks are loose and flowing, so I know I will be cool when warm weather arrives.  

The tan sleeveless tank is Chico's. I rarely wear it unless I'm wearing white or black. Simply, tan is not my best color. I look better in cool tones. Here's a hint. You can still wear those less pleasing shades, if you keep a more appealing color near your face. For me, it's white.

Accessories are tones of gold and tan to accentuate my look. The earrings are Chico's. The necklace is a tiger eye piece I kept from when I worked for lia sophia.

I must admit that the inspiration for this outfit came from a Soft Suroundings catalogue. You can visit the store here.

Now to dress for a rainy day, here in the South. Can't wait for the sun!

Have wonderful day!


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