The Power of Jewelry

The Power of Jewelry

Whether I'm going out to dinner or running to the store for groceries, I always remember to add a necklace, earrings, or bracelet.

It's amazing how often people will focus on a necklace and begin a conversation. I've discovered this while at the deli in Publix grocery store or checking out at Walmart. Jewelry is such a great accessory and conversation starter.

Recently, I was at a Trim Happy Mama meeting and a lady complemented me on my necklace. I told her I purchased it at Beall's clothing and loved how it popped with even my tees. She admired it, but said she never takes the time to wear jewelry. It was sad because she had on a lovely top that would have shone with a  necklace of the same color.

I'm so convinced that jewelry is a powerhouse that I convinced my sister to add more of her hand made pieces to Daisy Street Boutique. Below are a few of her necklaces:

It's amazing what a simple necklace can do to an outfit. And you don't have to spend a lot for a stunning piece. If you are self conscious of jewelry, try wearing a simple piece with a small pendant. For those who are more daring, try wearing a multi-layered necklace or a necklace with a large pendant.

And here's a simple rule for you: If you want to emphasize your top, wear the same color necklace. If you want to emphasize the necklace, wear a colored necklace that is opposite on the color wheel to your top. For example, a coral necklace looks great with turquoise.

Ideas abound when it comes to jewelry. Have fun creating!

A note about my Trim Healthy Mama journey: I've finished 3 weeks and my weight loss is really slow, but the food is wonderful, and I feel so much better. I will continue the journey and update with my success in later posts :)

Enjoy your Sunday. Hope it's bright and sunny where you live.



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