Trim Healthy Mama

Trim Healthy Mama

I've been busy this past week learning about a new eating plan. My neighbor gave me a book to look at, and I must say, I was so impressed that I ordered it through Amazon.

Once it arrived, I began to tab pages. Yes, it's a cookbook, but it's also an eating plan for life. The book is Trim Healthy Table written by two sisters, Pearl Barrett & Serene Allison. This is actually the newest cookbook and the most recent book since 2014. They also have another cookbook and a plan book.

The concept is that our bodies need different fuels. Protein is important, as well as fats and carbs. The key is avoid eating carbs and fats together.

The S meals are protein and fat based with non starchy veggies. The E meals are protein and carb based with low amounts of fat.

Let me give you an example: For breakfast, you may decide to have eggs and bacon. This is an S meal because you're not adding toast.

For lunch, you may decide to have a sandwich with deli turkey. This is an E meal. Two slices of sprouted bread is perfect and the protein is lean with little or no fat.

Along with the concept of keeping fat and carbs separate is the concept of no white sugar. That means you must give up white bread, white pasta, and white potatoes. You can reintroduce them sparingly, once you reach your goal weight.

So what do you use for sweeteners? The artificial sweeteners are not on plan. However, Stevia is allowed.

But what I love about the concept is the food. There's so much to eat, and the meals in the cookbook are so tasty. Most importantly, the meals are easy to make.

This is Cowboy Grub from an earlier cookbook. It was simple to make and we loved the taste! This is an E meal because of the corn and brown rice. I also used 96% ground beef to keep the protein lean.

Jack and I are still experimenting with the idea of this eating plan. We've been following it for a little over a week. My blood sugar has dropped 15 points, and Jack is seeing good numbers with his blood pressure. Weight loss is not quite as fast, but the key to this eating plan is to eat until you are satisfied and not starving.

I'll keep you updated on our journey, and if you have any questions, please ask.

Here's the link to the webpage: Trim Healthy Mama.

One more thought: I want to emphasize that this is not a diet. It's an eating lifestyle for life. It's goal is to make eating healthy, family oriented, and enjoyable.

Aren't we all worth it? Enjoy your day, my friends.


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