Trim Healthy Mama Part II

Trim Healthy Mama Part II

The journey continues on my new eating plan with a trip to Hudson, Florida where my friend, Gail, and I went to a Trim Healthy Mama meeting. It was at the meeting that we met some terrific ladies.

We learned so much about the program and tasted some yummy food. I felt guilty eating desserts, snacks, chili, and flavorful drinks, but they were all made without sugar.

I'm not sure what I liked the best. We had chicken chili, payday candy, hubby loving chicken, crackers and dip, chocolate cake, and salted caramel cupcakes! Doesn't sound like dieting, does it?

We heard testimonies of people who turned to the eating lifestyle after the frustration of yo-yo dieting, and learned more about what to eat and when to eat.

Protein is the base of your eating. When you sit down to a meal, the first question is "Where is the protein?" And the protein is wonderfully delicious like the spicy drumsticks I fixed a few nights ago.

Another important factor is to eat every 3 or 4 hours and never go beyond 5 hours. The key is to keep your blood sugar level. And of course, never eat carbs and fat together. Enjoy the carbs, enjoy the fat, but keep them in separate meals.

Carbs should be void of white flour. Sprouted bread is a good choice, as well as brown rice, quinoa, and fruit.

I'm going to share a sipper with you today. This is a drink that Trim Happy Mamas sip all day to avoid "grazing". It has other benefits, as well. It's a digestive aid and detoxifies your body. This drink is from an earlier cookbook called Trim Healthy Mama cookbook. It's out on the internet, so I'm sure it's fine to share. The name? Good Girl Moonshine.

Ingredients are simple: 1 tbs of apple cider vinegar, preferably Bragg brand, 1 tsp ginger, Stevia to taste, ice cubes, water, and any additional flavorings you prefer.

Put the vinegar, ginger, sweetener, and your extract or flavor of choice (if you wish), into a quart size jar. Add a small amount of water to stir the ingredients.

Fill the jar with ice cubes then add more water to fill to the top. You can use an herb tea instead of water. Let it cool first. I chose to use carbonated flavored watered.

Stir well and enjoy!

Why the glass jar? You are using cider vinegar, so it's best not to use plastic.  

I tried this sipper yesterday. I also added a small amount of Bai. It's a flavored water you can find in any grocery store. I used a quart size canning jar and a straw. It was a delightful and tasty drink.

Again, the website for Trim Happy Mamas with some recipes is here.

Happy sipping, Ladies!


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