Thinking Spring

Thinking Spring

I know it's only February but parts of the country are starting to warm up. This is true in Florida. Yes, if you live in Northern or Central Florida, you do experience considerably cold days and evenings during winter. Certainly, it's nothing compared to the northern part of the country, but we do get temps in the 30s, occasionally.

This week the temps are rising, so I'm pulling out spring and summer outfits. The outfit I'm sharing today includes one of my tops I have on the Daisy Street Boutique site. It's a fun top that allows you to wear tanks underneath, without showing too much. It's a sheer tunic pull over.

Whenever I want to look taller, and hence, slimmer, I rely on wearing the same color on top and bottom. For this outfit, I chose a white tank top from Chico's, white jeggings from Walmart, and  bronze sandals from Beall's. The sheer tunic top accents the outfit and allows me to feel comfortable wearing a tank top. I included a layering of bracelets on my left wrist and added a white hat. I am now ready for the day.

Wearing the same color or shade from top to bottom is a great base for creating an outfit. Add a flowing shirt or tunic, toss on some jewelry, and top it off with a hat or colorful purse. You have pulled together an easy outfit that will take you through the day and keep you comfortable as the weather warms up.

If you are interested in the sheer tunic top, you can see it here. The top is sized for women who wear mediums and larges. My sister designed the sheer top from a scarf.

Keep your fingers crossed. Spring is on the horizon, and the sun is shining somewhere!


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