Change is Good

Change is Good

I took a break from blogging and my shop. It was a much needed rest and a time to regroup. The result was a change in my shop's name, a more active role for my sister, and some updates for myself.

My shop is now Daisy Street Boutique. The name is based on the simple fact that I live off of Daisy Street. I also loved the sound of the name with the word Boutique, which is more descriptive of the new shop.

Barb and I are expanding our shop to include varied women's accessories, and perhaps, some items for your home. The items are all creations made by two sisters. My sister loves to create jewelry as well as blown glass and painting. I love to sew and knit. Between the two of us, we are full of ideas for the shop.

I will share some of our new items, but first, let me share my personal change. My hair is turning more gray everyday. I decided to get away from the blonde highlights and go with a more natural look. My hairdresser recommended that I highlight by bleaching my hair. The result is more white mixed with some darker gray, and I love it.

It's good to try something different. Not only did I change my hair, I decided to spend more time on my nails. I now visit a manicurist regularly for a mani-pedi. We are worth it! It's important to spend time on ourselves. It could be reading a book, shopping (my favorite), going to a salon, or perhaps a massage or facial. You'll be surprised how good you will feel when you pamper yourself.

Here's a few of our new items in the new shop. Please visit to see more. We are also having a super clearance sale!

This is a Valentine's Special, made by my sister. It includes crocheted wire with beads. You can see it here.

Our hand knit hat has a faux fur pom for a fun look. It will fit most people. You can see it here.

We continue to add more items, so visit the shop often. Daisy Street Boutique.

Have a wonderful day!


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