Re-creating an Outfit

Re-creating an Outfit

I've been having fun lately perusing outfits on Pinterest. When I find something I like, I pin the outfit to my Pinterest page. Sometimes I save the outfit in my phone's gallery, as well. I then decide if I can re-create that outfit with my own clothes, and most importantly, what would I change about the outfit.

Re-creating an outfit helps you use your imagination when putting clothes together and helps you work your accessories. It's also fun to come up with fresh ideas using older items.

My first creation is below:

I love black, so the challenge to re-create the model's outfit was easy for me. I had the black top and the black slacks. Instead of high heels, I used block heels. I also opted for a long necklace to break up all the black.

With my next outfit, I made more changes:


I wanted to create an outfit with a red jacket, skinny jeans, and heels. My red jacket is more of a blue/red, and I didn't have the blush colored shoes. I chose a black and white top and dark red shoes. I also had fun adding lots of bracelets on one arm.

My next creation is my favorite:

I had the denim shirt and white pants. I also had similar shoes. I did not have a heavy, long sweater. Mine is light and shorter from Old Navy. Finally, I didn't have the purse, which is a really awesome piece. I went with my beige purse instead. I think my re-creation is pretty good, an outfit I definitely will wear often.

I'm still collecting pictures for new creations. It's easy to do. When on Pinterest, simply search for what you want to view. For example, you could search for Red Blazer and White Pants. Or you could search for Outfits for Women Over 50. You'll be amazed at all the pictures you'll find.

And of course, I'm always looking in magazines and catalogues, as well as subscribing to a number of women's fashion blogs.

Is it silly to like to create outfits? Perhaps for some. I have the time now that I'm retired, and I love to look my best. Remember, when you take the time with your clothing choices, you will have more confidence.

Enjoy the rest of your day, and happy searching :)


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