Adding Color to Your Wardrobe

Adding Color to Your Wardrobe

Since I changed my eating habits, I've discovered that some of my clothes do not fit. I'm slowly adding a few new items to what I can still wear. My choice is to add more color because I tend to lean towards the basics, such as black and white.

Adding color is a good choice as we age. Our hair and skin are not as vibrant. Many of us have lost the hair color of youth and are now gray. Our skin may be dry and not as radiant. Adding color can make us feel better and younger. We can add color with makeup, hair highlights, or brighten our look through our clothing choices.

I recently found a light, airy jacket that works great for fall in Florida. Normally, I wear solids, but this print jacket is perfect to wear with many of my colored sleeveless shells.

I chose a turquoise shell, but I could have chosen pink, coral, ice blue, white or black. The jacket is light enough to wear on an 80 degree day. I'm also anxious to wear the colorful jacket with a white top and white pants. I have a number of options.

When adding color to your wardrobe, make sure you can wear the item with the clothes you already have. You can also choose small items to punch up your wardrobe.

Scarves are a great accessory, as well.

I'm wearing a simple black top with my jeans. The scarf adds color to a plain outfit.

I also like to add color with shoes, belts, or a purse.

Color can brighten your day, and there's so many ways to add a splash of it. Whether you choose to go bold or just add a skinny belt, try some color.

Have a wonderful day, Everyone!


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