The Indispensable Blazer

The Indispensable Blazer

Living in Florida, I rarely get to wear a blazer, and I love blazers. I have a number of them hanging in my closet, and when cool nights arrive, I always reach for one.

The blazer is perfect for fall, especially if you live in a northern climate with cool, dry days. It doesn't matter what you pair the blazer with, it looks great. To show it's ability to compliment the simplest outfit, I chose three blazers to wear with the same outfit which is white cropped jeans, a tan shell, and bronze sandals. My jewelry is lia sophia, pieces from when I was a consultant.

My first choice is my Chico's embroidered blazer that I've had for a few years. It has swirls of turquoise and dark brown with gold thread and beads.

This jacket is lined, so I only wear it when it gets really cool for Florida. Even though it has a dressy look, it works great with jeans and a T-shirt as well as dress pants.

My next jacket is an unlined black blazer that I can wear more often in the South.

I'm wearing the same white jeans and tan shell. I even have on the same jewelry. The black blazer changes my look, especially when I button the jacket. And, as you know, I love black and white.

My final blazer is a dressy jean jacket. Pairing this with the white jeans creates a nice crisp look.

Again, I have not changed out any of my basics. I'm still wearing the white jeans, tan shell, and my bronze sandals. Jewelry is the same, as well.

My jean blazer is from Coldwater Creek, and I've had it for at least 5 years. What I love about the jacket is the embroidery on the front and back.

I love blazers, and they are a staple in my wardrobe. Even though I rarely get to wear them, I would never part with these basics. A good blazer is a must. It will compliment any outfit from jeans to the little black dress.

Note: I'm wearing white cropped jeans in these pics even though we are moving into fall. White jeans are another staple for your wardrobe. Wear them year round.

Have a wonderful day and happy shopping!


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