Surviving Irma

Surviving Irma

Irma has passed, but it left behind a lot of devastation. Many Floridians are still without power. Let's keep our thoughts with all struggling during this time.

We received a mandatory evacuation last week, so decided it would be best to get on the road immediately. We left Friday afternoon for Auburn, Alabama. The trip was slow with lines for gas.

Even Charlie couldn't believe how bad the traffic was.

Saturday and Sunday we watched The Weather Channel religiously. Monday Irma arrived in Alabama as a tropical storm, raising havoc with the area. Power was out in many places along with downed trees.

While we were in Auburn, Alabama, we only had a few days of sunshine. We took the pups to a park, and to get ourselves out of the hotel room. This picture was taken the day before Irma arrived. The wind was already blowing.

Our plan was to leave on Tuesday to return home, but the roads were bumper to bumper traffic, and we would return to no power. So, we stayed and finally left on Thursday.

We are fortunate that Irma only brought down a tree in back of the house as well as palm branches. Without power for 5 days meant a stinky refrigerator that I emptied and washed down with vinegar and water.

The last few days we've been busy doing laundry and cleaning up the yard. Even with the extra work, it's so nice to be home!

But now I'm ready to get back into the swing of things. Here's a few pictures of our latest kimono or scarf vest. We will be putting it on Etsy shortly.

I'm really excited about this scarf vest. Once I have it on Etsy, you can see more pictures. I especially like the back where I added a pleat.

I also will be adding a silk scarf. It's the one from earlier, but I decided to add some detail to make it stand out as a special accessory.

I haven't had much of a chance to shop, which is tough for me because I do love shopping. I will, however, be purchasing a few items from Covered Perfectly. They just added a new jacket, and I can't keep my eyes off from it. Here's the link to the new popcorn jacket. This will be a perfect accessory to wear year round. Don't forget my discount code: PHG20.

I also plan on doing another cruise post. I bought a lovely sleeveless jumper style dress from Susan Street. If I haven't shared her shop before, here it is.

Well, that's it for today. I still have lots to do, but hope I can get back to shopping and sewing!


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