More Cruising

More Cruising

Our next cruise will be a Caribbean cruise to Jamaica, Cozumel, and the Cayman Islands. Needless to say, I'm already planning my clothes.

One item I'm definitely taking is my new tent dress I bought from Susan Street. Susan is a blogger who now has a clothing and accessories shop on her site. Her taste is impeccable, so I'm always checking out her latest finds.  

The tent dress is a perfect choice to wear when visiting the islands. It can serve as a cover up for my swimsuit or just a comfortable dress to wear while shopping.

I love the details in this simple dress. It has a handkerchief hemline and pockets on the side for convenience. The cotton material is perfect for the heat. I added a sun hat and sandals to complete my casual look. I probably will use another tote for the trip. I just liked this bag to complete the look of the outfit.

Susan doesn't have anymore of these dresses, but she has lots of items. You can see her collection here.

Oh, here's a hint for those who have small heads and can't wear hats. Just add a headband to your hat's brim. It will fit better.

I'm toying with ideas for the formal night. I love my cold shoulder black dress, but it's a little large on me now. I'm thinking of adding a black belt to cinch it in more.

Still not sure this is the look I want. I'm also thinking of buying a pair of Susan Street's black crepe slacks. You can see her pants here. They're light, perfect for cruising. I can add a black shell and one of my scarf vests or one of my light jackets. She also has a number of black dresses I've been considering.

Choosing clothes for a cruise is fun for me. Some find it daunting, but I enjoy the creativity of putting outfits together. I can spend a whole afternoon trying on different pieces and end up not taking any of them. I do try, though, to make my clothes do double duty. It saves space when packing, and gives you more time to enjoy the fun of cruising.

Have a wonderful day!


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