Discovering Your Style

Discovering Your Style

I've been busy this past week taking a 5-Day course by 40 + Style. The course was a called Find Your Style Challenge. Each day you had specific assignments to explore your personality, your likes and dislikes, and what you feel most comfortable wearing. It included looking at your lifestyle, as well as exploring your comfort zone.

Part of the challenge was to post pictures of outfits and be critiqued. In return, it's your responsibility to critique others.

The course was fun and enlightening. I learned that I have a bit of a Jennifer Aniston style which is simple chic. I also prefer a classic look with a bit of fashion trend.

Here's a couple of pictures I used for my critiques:

I received great reviews, but one picture was really loved by everyone. Here it is:

Everyone loved the colors, especially the white with the scarf.

If you want to explore your style, begin by looking at your personality. I did a personality test which was provided by the group. The personality test helps you discover, if you are conservative, creative, adventurous, etc.

Second, take a look at who you admire for their style sense. This could be celebrities or perhaps, someone you know. Think about what it is you like. My choice was Susan Street, a blogger I feel has a classic look.

Also consider your daily life and what feels comfortable for you.

The 5-day course is just the beginning of all there is to learn about finding what makes you feel good when you choose clothes. I hope to take another class soon. I also loved the community of people who range from 40 to 70+.

Here's the link to the community page for 40 + Style. It's a closed group, so you must ask to join.

Have a wonderful weekend. My pic below is of our new kimono I will be talking about the next time!


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