A Pastel Fall Outfit

A Pastel Fall Outfit

Once Labor Day is over, it seems like fall is really here, and depending on where you live, you may be feeling the cooler air.

It's still fairly warm in the South, though we've been experiencing bands of rain from the fallout of Hurricane Harvey. I can't complain. The people in Texas are really struggling. My heart goes out to them.

My outfit today is a twist on the regular darker colors of fall. My sister and I have been busy styling our kimonos and scarf vests for our upcoming arts and craft show. So, this outfit showcases a new scarf kimono along with my sister's latest jewelry design.

Our new scarf vest or kimono is a refreshing take on plaid. It's gray, silver, and pink. The fringe is fun as well as the lightness of this viscose material. You can wear this inside or outdoors and feel comfortable. I chose to pair it with my Chico's lavender jeans, a white shell, and neutral shoes. This topper would look great with gray slacks or regular blue jeans.

Like most of the kimono styles we create, we leave slits on the side, so you can tie the vest.

I love clothes you can wear a variety of ways and clothes that are a little different. We usually don't think of pale colors for a fall look.

You can see the fall kimono here.

I mentioned that my sister also created an unique necklace to showcase the scarf vest. I put the necklace on Etsy, but here's a quick look.

Barb created the necklace from an old coin from Peru that I had. She used burgundy colored beads and soft crackled beads. The owl is such a cute idea to frame the coin. I love this necklace and asked her to make one for me :)

Note:  We sold the necklace within one day of listing it on Etsy. More to come!

So have you thought of softer colors for fall? They're really attractive and will ease you from summer to cooler weather.

Have a wonderful day, Everyone!


Rose said…
Are you ok in Florida?
Polly Gill said…
Yes. We stayed in Alabama during the storm. Heading home today. The house is fine :)

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