Watching the Numbers

Watching the Numbers

I follow a number of women bloggers who are in my age range because I learn so much from them, and I can relate. Often these bloggers talk about health issues and the aging process. It's encouraging to hear how they tackle their problems with resilience and confidence.

I had mentioned before that I have Type 2 Diabetes, so I'm constantly watching my blood sugar. However, a month ago, the numbers got slightly out of control, and I knew I had to take action. It was time to tackle the problem of rising blood sugar and weight.

My decision was to change my eating habits. It was time to get away from the French fries, fast food, and sugar. I am reporting today that in less than a month, my blood sugar has dropped from 140 after fasting to 90. I've also lost the weight I gained.

I feel much better.

To celebrate, I starting shopping in Susan Street's closet. Susan is a blogger, who I enjoy following. She struggled with weight and health issues and decided to take control. She now runs a business through her blog selling clothes for 60+ ladies. Part of her collection includes her own personal items she wore for picture shoots. The above top is one of hers. I'm fortunate enough to wear her size. You may want to visit her blog. It's Susan After 60. I know you will enjoy it.

So what did I do to change my eating habits and report good numbers? I actually starting eating six times a day. My meals are small and always contain a protein and carbohydrate. I avoid white food such as white potatoes and white bread. My focus is on high fiber and nutrient dense food that includes lots of vegetables!

Not only do I feel better, when I take control, I feel more confident.

Have a wonderful day! I wish you continued health.


Nancy said…
Congratulations....I am in somewhat of a similar situation of needing to loose weight and just last week started on the journey of eating more healthy. It will definitely take me more than a month to loose the necessary weight but at least I have started.

I just found Susan's blog a couple of weeks ago and she is such an inspiration to so many women.

Thanks for sharing your journey with us....I look forward to browsing your blog and learning more about you...
Polly Gill said…
Thank you, Nancy. I'm trying to lose a bit more, so I can keep the blood sugar levels down. Next month I see the doctor for an update.

Love Susan's blog. She definitely has inspired me. Best of luck on your journey :)

Edna B said…
Love reading your post
Polly Gill said…
Thank you, Edna :)

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