Two Outfits, One Top

Two Outfits, One Top

My last blog talked about the jean jacket acting as a workhorse when creating outfits. Other pieces are workhorses, too. White tops are a life saver for me.

My two outfits today are created using one white top, a Cali and York cotton blouse/jacket I actually purchased from another blogger, Susan After 60.

This top is a perfect multi-functional item. When your shopping, consider if an item can be used in a variety of ways. Functionality will save you money!

In my first pics, I'm using the top as a blouse to wear with jeans.

I'm wearing a simple necklace and my bronze wedges. The top is long enough to wear with leggings, as well. I could have turned the sleeves up for a more casual look.

In the second pictures, I used the top as a jacket.

I chose a black shell and black leggings to create a black and white outfit. I added a large necklace, but I kept the earrings simple. Rarely do I wear large earrings and bold necklaces together. I choose one statement piece.

I'm a firm believer in making my clothes work for me. I could wear this white top with shorts or even belt the top.  A silk scarf would look great whether the top is buttoned or left opened. Ideas are endless.

I also look for detail when purchasing items.

I love the cuff on this top. I can turn it up for a different look or leave it down.

I'm sure you've read articles about the basic items you need in your closet. Of course, as we reach retirement, that list will change. Yes, I do have the little black dress, a nice skirt, and the fitted blazer. However, my must have items are slightly different since retiring and moving to Florida. I now look for key pieces that work for me and where I live now. I like tops that I can wear as jackets because of the air conditioning here.

Everyone's key pieces will be different. Ask yourself this question:  What do you reach for most often in your closet? That will help you determine what type of clothes to purchase.

Enjoy your day, Ladies!


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