Transition Outfit

Transition Outfit

One thing I miss about living in Maine is the cool evenings in late August and September. The air is dryer and the mosquitoes are gone. It's a refreshing time as you head into the leaf peeping season.

Now, I know it's early August and the weather is still hot, but with all the school sales, it's time to look at what you can wear as you transition into cooler weather.

The best transition workhorse in your closet is the jean jacket. I have a number of jean jackets from white to fitted to the traditional boxy style. I wear them year round, even in Florida.

As I was perusing fall magazines and catalogs, I noticed that the denim jacket is in the forefront for cooler dressing.  I also noticed the return of pink. For fall, it's more of a dusty pink or blush pink. This softer hue looks great with a blue denim jacket.

Seeing the lovely combinations with dusty pink or Paris pink, I had to venture into my closet and see what I could create. I have the blush pink jeans from Chico, and I have my denim jacket. I found a scarf that had expired on Etsy. It's a soft floral print of blush pink with a touch of dark blue. Jackpot! Floral is in for autumn. I am ready to create a great fall look that I can wear now.

I started with my white Chico shell. You can't have enough simple tops to help create outfits. Besides, the shell is sleeveless, so it will work well for August. My infinity scarf is long enough to double. For this look, I circled it and pulled the loop up around my neck. I tossed on a long pink and blue necklace for a little extra layering. I also added a bracelet which is actually a necklace, but it worked to create the soft look I wanted.

Finally, the Chico soft pink jeans with neutral shoes complete the ensemble. It's still warm, so I chose a blocked heel in a sandal style shoe. Later in the season, I may opt for a nice tan flat or a brown bootie.

And now I have an outfit that will transition from the late summer to fall.

Enjoy the rest of your day, and check out those back to school sales. They're not just for the kids :)

And if you like the infinity scarf, let me know before I put it back on Etsy. Just leave a comment below.


roman said…

Great Design. Loved these looks. Keep updating.
black and blue jeans

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