The Ruana for Fall

The Ruana for Fall

Welcome Friday and the weekend. It's time to get casual and enjoy the last bit of summer. Evenings are getting cool, though, so you may want to grab a jacket or something to throw over your shoulders.

Whenever I fly, I always take a ruana with me because it can be cool on the plane. I love the versatility of this fun scarf type shawl. It's similar to many toppers except the sides are usually open, so you can throw it over your shoulder for an extra cozy feel.

Ruanas are usually a heavier fabric to give you warmth. Some are cashmere for a nice toasty feel. I decided to create a less expensive version by restyling a large plaid scarf. Notice it has fringe, a definite must for fall! I also wanted something that wasn't too warm. This ruana fits the bill.

You can tie it or belt it, too!

You can see my ruana here.

Have a wonderful weekend!


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