Summer Outfits

Summer Outfits

I can't believe it's August. Reminders of fall are everywhere. Just check out the stores. Back to school sales and even Halloween decorations cover the store fronts.

But I'm hanging on to summer awhile longer. So, today, I share with you two outfits based on one concept. Both are ready to take you into fall, but they still have a summer feel. And both are based on striped tops and a floral print scarf, a safe pattern mix.

Keep wearing the white pants. My generation was taught to put away the white after Labor Day. And, I must agree, I wear less white as fall approaches. For now, though, embrace this wonderful summer trend.

I love stripes for the summer. This blue and white cotton top is from Old Navy. I bought it a year ago and wear it often. It's perfect to wear with my summer white capris. To prepare for a touch of fall, I added a floral scarf. Stripes are perfect to create a pattern mix. I chose a red scarf because it is the complement color for blue. The scarf also has blue to go with the blue in my top, and yes, my blue sandals.

Now, let's take the same concept of stripes in another look that will definitely take you into fall.

Same scarf and same concept. I'm still wearing a striped top that I love for summer. This time, I chose my Chico's Girlfriend jeans that I rolled up. I added a pair of Sketchers. You could also wear white sneakers for this casual look. The scarf is the same. The red complements the blue jeans, and the red works with the red in my top. Again, I have mixed stripes and florals. Using a scarf to mix patterns is a safe bet, if you're not sure.

Today it's raining, so I posed inside. I like natural lighting, but you can't do much with downpours!

Have a wonderful day and enjoy the summer. We have lots of warm weather ahead!


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