My sister and I had a wonderful time shopping this past week. Our plan was to look for scarves we could restyle into ruanas, kimonos, and toppers. We did find a few scarves, but we ended up finding a great sale at Belk's.

Since Jack and I are hoping to cruise in the near future, I couldn't help but find myself looking at all the summer items on sale that would work great, if we go to Jamaica, the Caymans, or Cozumel. I couldn't resist the deals, so I'm sharing with you some ideas I came up with for cruising outfits.

First, is a pair of seersucker striped shorts with a scalloped edging. I saw these shorts this past spring and almost bought them. When the price went from $44 to $9.99, they were in my cart! I knew I would wear them if we go to Cozumel.

The first pictures shows the pockets, which I love on shorts. I took a Cozumel T shirt and cut off the neck band, arm band, and waist band. I then cut a strip up the side, so I could easily tie it. Voila! I have a comfortable shirt to wear in Mexico. My croc sandals will work, as well. Now I need my beach bag and hat to complete the look!

Note: I normally don't wear short shorts, but when cruising, I want to be comfortable and relaxed in the Caribbean heat. Besides, the sales lady told me to go for it!

My second outfit is perfect for a shopping day in the Caymans. 

 The rayon flowy pants were a bargain at $8.99. Yes, that's right, but since they are rayon, I'll wash them on a gentle cycle in cold water and hang to dry. They're not as wide as typical palazzo pants, which is great if you're walking a lot. Palazzo pants can be wide and easy to trip over. I added a simple white tank top that you can buy anywhere. Tanks are easy to pack and are perfect to wear alone or under another top. Normally, I don't wear belts because I have a wide waist. I've discovered that a belt cinches you in and actually works well.

Here's a tip on hats: I have a small head and really don't look that good in hats. I took a headband and placed it on the hat. It pulled it in, so it fit better.  I can also wear the hat in a restaurant.  Remember, women do not need to take off their hats. If you want to take the hat off, switch to the headband. It's perfect to cover up "hat hair".

Now, let's take the same rayon flowy pants and wear them for dinner.

I switched out the tank top and put on a nice Clara SunWoo blue top that cascades over the pants. The Clara SunWoo collection is available at Shop My Fair Lady. This is a more expensive top that works well with my bargain bottoms. I like to mix higher priced and lower priced clothes for fun creations.

If the pants had been wide like most palazzo styles, this top would not work. The pants are narrow enough to handle the top's extra material. I also kept with a monochromatic look to help lengthen my stature.  I stayed with the same shoes, but changed the necklace. Take costume jewelry on a cruise! It's fun to wear, and you don't have to worry about losing an expensive item.

In another post, I'll talk about the formal night when cruising. Formal night is not as formal as it used to be. In other words, you don't need a gown and the guys don't need a tux.

But for now, let's sum up some hopefully helpful points when cruising in warm climates:

  • Make your shoes do double-duty. My blue sandals have a slight heel but are comfortable enough to wear shopping and work well for dinner.
  • Bring lots of costume jewelry. You can create a lot of looks and the jewelry is easy to pack.
  • Consider tank tops. They are easy to pack, cool to wear and work well for layering.
  • Bring sun hats and sun glasses! Hats are fun to wear on a cruise and will protect you from the strong sun.
  • Pack a beach bag to use as a purse when going on excursions. You can carry water, change of clothes, a towel for the beach, etc.
  • Choose basic colors that you can mix and match. I like navy and white because it's nautical, and black and white because it's easy to add a splash of color.
  • Bring a sundress. You can use it as a beach cover up; it's comfortable to wear, and will go from the beach to a restaurant.
  • Don't worry about short shorts or swimsuits. Everyone is wearing these items, so you can feel comfortable :)
I love to cruise and with cooler weather arriving in the North, it may be on your bucket list.

Have a great day, and let's keep our thoughts with the people of Texas.


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