Cruisin' Part II

Cruisin' Part II

The other day I talked about my love for cruising, especially in the Caribbean. Daytime dressing is usually shorts, sandals, or any loose clothing I can find. I've cruised in January and in August; regardless of the time of year, the weather is warm.

Dressing for the formal night does not need to be difficult either. You don't have to buy an expensive gown. You will see folks wearing everything from dress pants to evening wear.

I like to consider first if I want to have pictures taken. The formal night is buzzing with photographers wanting you to pose. We like to visit a number of sets, so we can choose from a variety of  different backdrops. Sometimes, we purchase, and sometimes we don't.

Today, I will show you a few choices of clothing that veers away from the traditional evening dress.

First, let's look at the LBD (little black dress).

My little black dress is from Chico's. It has the peekaboo sleeves, so popular now. It's also lined and is a simple straight design. It's actually a little big on me, so I also showed it with a topper.

Because the little black dress is a simple look, you can add lots of jewelry or change the look with a jacket, shrug, or perhaps a bolero. I also have a long, lace tunic style jacket that would work with my dress.

How about slacks and a top?

My go-to combo is black and white. On a recent cruise I chose cream slacks and a long asymmetrical black top. I wore fake pearls. It was an elegant and classic look.

How about a topper for your black and white outfit?

You can wear the kimono topper straight down or tied. By the way, this is my latest scarf kimono design. I was thinking of keeping it, but then decided to put it on Etsy. You can see it here.

How about adding some color? This outfit can be dressed up or down depending on shoes and jewelry. The colors are great for pictures!

This outfit is all Chico's. The pants are a linen blend and are lined. They're perfect for a cruise because of the looseness of the legs. The kimono is Chico's and the shell is from their microfiber tops collection.

As you can see, you can look nice in simple outfits. The choice is yours. Consider what you would like to wear for pictures and what you feel most comfortable wearing.

Enjoy yourself! Cruising is fun!


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