Weekend Outfit

Weekend Outfit

Don't you just love birds? I'm always watching and listening for the cardinals when I walk. Florida has many beautiful birds, but I love the male cardinal's red color. Growing up on a farm in Maine, chickadees were my favorite because I never tired of their distinctive chick-a-dee-dee song.

No wonder I'm drawn to my new poncho top.  Not only is it a bird print against a cream background, but it's so summery.

It's perfect to top off (excuse the pun) my weekend outfit.

First, let's talk about hats. If you don't have any hats besides the quintessential baseball cap, consider trying some other options. I chose to wear my tan hat from Walmart to complement this weekend outfit. I can change it up with a headband or scarf. It's light and fun to wear.

Next, I'm wearing a yellow cotton tank top, perfect for hot days. Along with the tank, I added some capris jeans. These are Lee Easy Fit, light weight and stretchy. There's a slight flare at the bottom, so I can create a wide cuff, if I want.

Then comes the poncho top. It's made of polyester and is chiffon weight, perfect to toss over a tank top. The neck is wide, so you can also wear it slightly off one shoulder.

Finally, I added sandals that have a little bling from the glass beads dotting the front bands. It's fun to sandal shop, but I always look for sandals that have some support. Gone are the days of wearing flip flops or flat shoes with no arch support.

Now I need to add a beach bag and I'm ready for a summer day!

You can see my poncho top here.

Enjoy your weekend!


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