Summer Sales

Summer Sales

It's July, and along with fireworks comes the summer sales. I don't know about you, but I love going to summer sales. Since I live in Florida, I know that the summer items I pick up will be worn in the middle of the winter. Sorry about that, if you live in the North, but a Floridian winter means days in the 70s.

But there's still lots of warm weather ahead for all of us, so why not pick up some summer items to wear now. Here's a few suggestions:

Striped tops. Stripes are so popular and fun to wear. Forget the idea that you can't wear horizontal stripes if you're larger. Phooey. Buy a long striped top or one that is asymmetrical.

Check out sleeveless jean jackets or jean vests. Now, this is an accessory you can wear year round.

Try turning the collar up and adding a cute pin. Wear your jacket with longer tops, and in the winter, wear your jean vest over a sweater or a long dress.

Lace tops and red shoes are fun accessories. The other day I found a black lace top to wear over a shell, but darn, they didn't have my size. The lace top is great for now and for later when it cools down. And, red shoes or red purses are a great accent for your wardrobe.

Also, look for scarves. You will find every style on sale. And, you know, you can wear your scarf year round. It's the perfect accessory.

Don't forget to check out swimsuits. For people who live in the southern regions, Beall's has suits for 50% off.

Sunglasses are another deal this time of year along with beach bags and hats.

I also would recommend checking out tank tops or sleeveless shells. You will use them year round for layering.

Now, it's time to go shopping, but before you do, I want to let you know that Covered Perfectly has just received navy and white flowy jackets like my black and white below.

If you follow my link to Covered Perfectly, you can get 20% off at checkout. Just use my code: PHG20

Have Fun Shopping!


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