Monday Outfit

Monday Outfit

Welcome Monday! It was a busy weekend, but I managed to get some time to work on my Etsy items. Today, I share one of the new kimonos I just put online. 

And here it is:

I chose to wear jeans and a white shell for the first picture. I included a gold, long necklace to complement the swirls of gold and brown in the fabric. I added a woven belt for a nice touch, as well.

The brown purse has an animal print scarf tied to it to carry through the theme of swirling colors.

The duster is 100% viscose or rayon. It was restyled from a scarf I found a few months ago when shopping. I loved the pattern and material and knew it would make a great kimono or duster.

It's also versatile. Tie it in a knot for a different look or wear it as a scarf.

You can see the kimono here.

By the way, it rained yesterday morning when I took the pictures, so you'll see puddles of water. I actually stepped in some water with my new shoes. I fell in love with them when I was in Beall's the other day. I love the gold and the comfort of the short wedge heel. The brand is Baretraps.

So that's my Monday outfit. It has a touch of fall, but is still ready for the warm weather.

If you purchase anything from my shop for $20 or more, and use the coupon code, BLOG10,  you will receive 10% off your purchase.

Enjoy the rest of the day, and please share my posts :)


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