Classic White

Classic White

Do you remember wearing your dad's white shirt with your jeans? The classic white shirt never grows old. It is a timeless piece of clothing that you'll never tire wearing.

I've talked about the white shirt before, but it's worth talking about again. I own many, and yes, Northerners, I have an L.L.Bean white shirt. The white shirt is a versatile item that you can wear with jeans, shorts, and dress up with it.

I love combining it with a white shell. The concept of white on white is perfect for summer.

I buttoned the shirt once and let the white shell peek through. Navy blue and white checked pants and a white hat complete the look.

How about black and white? The combination is timeless and the classic white shirt adds to the look.

And for fun, tie the shirt.

And what about jeans? You can never go wrong with the classic white and a pair of jeans.

And finally, I love the white shirt with a skirt.

I almost picked up a sleeveless white shirt the other day, but I didn't like the pockets on it. That's what's great about the classic look. We can be picky because we have so many choices.

Have a wonderful day, AND if you have a chance, check out Covered Perfectly. I love my new cascading vest. I'm looking forward to checking out more of these American made items.

20% off with the code PHG20 when you check out, and the cascading vest is on sale! WooHoo!  Here's the link:


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