Bits of Wisdom

Bits of Wisdom

I enjoy reading blogs by women in their 50s, 60s, and beyond. They offer so much inspiration and knowledge. I'm constantly gleaning bits of wisdom.

So today, I'm offering some of that knowledge. Nothing new, but it certainly is important to remind ourselves how precious we are to our loved ones. Therefore, we want to be the best for them and for ourselves.

Health is so important, especially as we age. We need to exercise, and we need to watch our diet. As much as I love French fries, fried chicken, and chocolate, I have to limit my intake. I do still have my treats occasionally, but, certainly, not every day.

Exercise, however, is a daily activity. I walk or bike ride. Because the weather is scorching in Florida right now, I limit the bike riding and do mostly walking.

It doesn't matter the activity. It matters that you enjoy it. If you like to swim, than do that. If you need a group to motivate you, join the gym or grab some friends. Just get active.

I like walking the best. I don't hurry, and I take the time to enjoy the scenery, whether it's a gopher turtle poking his head out of his den or progress on a new house being built. I don't even take music with me. I enjoy the quiet time. No fashion here! I dress in baggy shorts, a tank top, sun hat, walking sneakers, and sunglasses. Water and my cell phone are always with me because I walk 2.5 miles.  My goal is to put on a minimum of 10,000 to 15,000 steps on my tracker throughout the day. I do it for my health and I'm diabetic.

Dressing with style is important for us, too. Now, I have read that some people find the whole fashion thing frivolous and superficial. They couldn't be further from the truth. Taking the time to look nice, not only makes us feel better, but it gives us confidence about aging. We can still turn heads. And there's nothing wrong with having some pride.

When I took the pictures for my latest kimono/ruana summer jacket, I was pleased with the outcome. The pictures makes me look smaller than I am, which is a great confidence builder for me. It also shows that at 65, I can still dress with style.

And my final piece of wisdom today comes from a blog I recently started reading. She talks about the inspiration of writing things down, whether it's a journal, a blog, or a piece of your own biography. We have so much to say because we have lived longer than some. For me, it's writing this blog. In the past, I used to write for online companies. But, the writing became a chore. It should be enjoyable. Consider starting a journal or perhaps your own blog. Writing can be cathartic.

And if writing just isn't for you, try something that gives you time for reflection. It may be knitting, sewing, painting, photography,  gardening, or crafting.

Enjoy the rest of your day. I hope I've given you food for thought. I know that the blogs I read always motivate me to consider new ideas.

You can see my new ruana here. If you have a purchase that is $20 or more, use the code LIVING10 at checkout for a 10% saving.


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