Silk Scarf Offer

I've mentioned in the past that I love silk scarves, so I decided to offer one for sale on my blog. If it works out, perhaps I'll try selling more. This particular scarf is39 inches square.

It's not a hand painted scarf, or a Herme' quality $200+. I purchased this wholesale, so I am able to offer it at a very reasonable price. The pattern is lovely and full of rich colors.

Here's some pics containing ideas for wearing it:

The first pic shows the scarf folded. You fold it into a triangle and then fold up from the narrow end. Drape over your neck and let it hang down to add color. I chose a blue jacket because of the blue stripes in the scarf.

In the next pic I folded the scarf into a triangle and then tied it off to the side. I added a pink purse to complement the pink in the scarf.

In this pic I simply folded it into a triangle and then tied it in the back of my neck. Notice I'm not wearing anything dressy, just my tan capris and a black shell.

Silk scarves are such a great addition to any wardrobe. If it's too hot, tie the scarf onto the handle of your purse. If you enter a restaurant or store that is too cool, drape the scarf over your shoulders.

I did notice a small mark on the back of the scarf when I unpacked it. It may wash off and it may not. Here's a pic of it. As I noted, it's on the back.

Now for the price. Because of the mark on the back, I'm offering this silk scarf for $29 + $2 shipping. I would have asked $39. I will iron it and fold it and place into a padded envelope. Purchase may be made by Paypal. My email for paypal is Please send me your address using the above email.

I hope your weekend is full of sunshine!

Please share this post. I love my silk scarves as seen in this pic above. I know there's someone out there who would love one, too.


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