Polka Dot Fun

I love polka dots and what a great time to love them! Polka dots and stripes are always in style and are trending now, so I'm thrilled. If you haven't purchased something in polka dots, consider it. You can find large polka dots and small polka dots, if large dots are not your thing.

Here's a simple look with white shorts and my polka dot top.

Because we are experiencing afternoon rains, I like to bring a jacket with me while I'm out and about. My jean jacket with folded sleeves works well with this outfit. To fold your jean jacket sleeves, first fold up to the elbow and then from the bottom, fold again. Voila!

Another choice is a cotton jacket. I love a medium blue with black and white.

There's something about polka dots. It's a clean print that adds fun and imagination to your creations. Maybe I'll look for red and white polka dots on my next shopping experience :)

Enjoy your day. I hope it's filled with imagination.


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