Jean Jackets in the Summer

Yes, I wear jean jackets in the summer. That sounds kind of crazy since I live in Florida. We all know that summers in Florida are hot and muggy. What you may not know is that we have lots of rain and super cold air conditioning in some businesses.

I'm not one to carry an umbrella and I don't like to be cold when I enter an establishment. If I'm not carrying a shawl, kimono, or light cardigan, you will see me with a jean jacket. I usually roll up the sleeves and toss it on while in air conditioning; and when it's raining, it works great to toss over your head while running to the car. Of course, you still get wet :)

Here I am, ready to run errands. You may notice that the sun is not shining. Clouds are looming overhead and it's actually sprinkling. Time for the jean jacket. I still have on sandals, crops, and even a sleeveless top. After all, it's summer.

Not only do I want to talk to you about jean jackets, but I also want to talk about the sleeveless top I'm wearing in the pictures. This is a top that I restyled because it was a purchase mistake.

I purchased the white top a year ago, and it's been hanging in my closet ever since. It had elastic around the bottom giving it a blouson effect. I thought that would work for me since I wanted to hide my tummy.

But no matter what bottoms I tried with the top, I looked like a balloon. I was discouraged because the blouse is 92% viscose, and feels like a T-shirt. I just didn't want to give up on it.

So, I pulled it out the other day and began to feel for the elastic. I discovered where it had been sewn together.

Then came the seam ripper and good lighting! I patiently opened the seam, cut the elastic and pulled it out. The material was still wrinkled from the gathering, but once I ironed it, it flattened out. Voila! I now have a top that hangs straight down and works with many of my bottoms.

And that's it for today. Two ideas for you: don't discount the jean jacket during warm weather, and use your imagination. Sometimes you can fix those shopping mistakes.

Enjoy the weekend, everyone! I hope it's not as hot as Florida.


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