Fun Summer Colors

Rain, rain, and more rain is in our forecast, so I need some color to brighten my weekend. It's amazing where you can find inspiration for a colorful outfit. My latest creation came from the colors of a lovely silk scarf and a delightful bracelet. The pops of turquoise and coral were all I needed to create the look and ignore the overcast sky.

Are you familiar with the color wheel? It's a wonderful tool for understanding color. I used to tell my lia sophia jewelry customers to choose necklaces that will complement their tops. In other words, if you choose colors opposite on the color wheel, you are choosing complementary colors. So, if you are wearing a coral shirt, consider a turquoise necklace. This will make the necklace stand out.

Complementary colors work well with clothes, too. When I studied my silk scarf and my bracelet, I saw the opposite colors speaking to me. Therefore, an outfit was born and it's colorful!

My coral Girlfriend crops, my Chico turquoise shell, and my new silk scarf complement each other because they are colors opposite on the color wheel. And, what a fun combination! Toss on a hat and neutral shoes and you're ready to go.

To top it off, coral and turquoise are great summer colors! 

Have a wonderful weekend. I hope your forecast is not overcast and rainy but full of sunshine.

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