Fourth of July Outfit

Loving red, white, and blue, I find dressing in a Fourth of July outfit a fun experience. There are so many ways you can combine these great colors. I chose to go with a darker blue with my crop pants, but the effect is the same, a patriotic look.

The look is simple. I'm wearing my QVC Women in Control crop pants, my Chico white shell, and my kimono that I just listed on Etsy.

For accessories, I chose my blue sandals and my white hat. Because my kimono comes with a red scarf, I added that too! But if it's hot, the scarf is tied onto my purse.

You can see my Etsy listing here. I'm selling it for $19 + $4 shipping. That includes the fun scarf to wear or tie on your purse.

Not only have I been busy with my Etsy shop, I'm also looking at different ideas for future posts.

I just received another silk scarf and am planning some future outfits with it. I find scarves to be so elegant, and they give a completed look to any outfit. This one has navy blue, my favorite color.

I've also ordered a flowy jacket from Covered Perfectly. This will be my first experience with this company. I hope to do an article on the jacket and information on this company started by a lady in her 50s. All clothes are made in the U.S. Isn't that great?

I hope your day is busy, but in a good way! Now, it's time for more coffee :)

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