Clothes for a Trip

Clothes for a Trip

I'm finding more and more, I buy clothing that is multi-functional and won't wrinkle. Therefore, I try to buy items that will pack easily, feel comfortable while traveling, and work with other clothing I decide to pack. I still have to watch myself, though. I always want to over pack. It does take discipline. I hope this blog post gives you a few suggestions.

A friend of mine wanted me to try out the QVC line called Women with Control. I bought a pair of crops with the wide waistband and love them. I just picked up a set of pants that consist of pedal pushers and crop pants on sale for $34.92 for both bottoms. I decided to order them because they fit my needs: pack easily, feel comfortable, and work with other clothes.

These bottoms are perfect for traveling. Roll them for packing. Wear them on the plane. Because they come in a solid and a print, you have lots of options for outfits.

Here's the print pedal pushers.

Because I chose the black and white set, I have lots of options for outfits. I can include a few tops and a couple of summer cardigans and voila! Now I am able to interchange tops and bottoms. I also can toss in a change up with jewelry.

Here's the white crops.

Notice that I'm wearing the same top, same shoes, and the same hat. The difference is the cardigan.

So, my first advice is to check out the Women with Control line of clothing. You can see these two items here. If you've never ordered from QVC, enjoy $5 off, woohoo!

Also check out the Brigitte line by Chico's. You can see the Brigitte shorts here and the Brigitte ankle pants here.

And a few suggestions:

Consider sticking with mostly solid colors with just a few prints for easier matching.

Roll your clothes when packing. They will take up less room. You can roll a number of items together, if you wish. In fact, check on hats that roll up and snap. I saw some the other day and will return to Beall's to purchase one.

I try to limit the amount of shoes I take by sticking with the basics: sneakers, sandals, and a stack heel or dress flat. When packing, stuff your socks in the shoes.

Also, rely on jewelry for a change up. Jewelry takes up little room.

Happy traveling!


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