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Clothes for a Trip

Clothes for a Trip
I'm finding more and more, I buy clothing that is multi-functional and won't wrinkle. Therefore, I try to buy items that will pack easily, feel comfortable while traveling, and work with other clothing I decide to pack. I still have to watch myself, though. I always want to over pack. It does take discipline. I hope this blog post gives you a few suggestions.
A friend of mine wanted me to try out the QVC line called Women with Control. I bought a pair of crops with the wide waistband and love them. I just picked up a set of pants that consist of pedal pushers and crop pants on sale for $34.92 for both bottoms. I decided to order them because they fit my needs: pack easily, feel comfortable, and work with other clothes.
These bottoms are perfect for traveling. Roll them for packing. Wear them on the plane. Because they come in a solid and a print, you have lots of options for outfits.
Here's the print pedal pushers.

Because I chose the black and white set, I …
Summer Scarf Kimono
I discovered some great scarves while shopping last week that I knew I wanted to restyle into scarf kimonos.
I just finished the first one and am thrilled to share it with you. It's a perfect accessory for summer. It's a gauze-like polyester that will keep you cool and comfy during the warm months. I made this to fit most women, so unless you wear a small or are petite, it should work for you.
I decided to show it off with capri jeans, a white T, and my red crocs.

If you look closely, you can see how thin this material is, so it's perfect for those hot days.
Scarf kimonos are versatile. See how I tied this one for a different look.

As I said, this scarf kimono will fit most people. It may be too big for those who wear a small. I wear a medium/large and I am 5 5'. You can see that it's loose on me and there's plenty of room.

You can find scarf kimonos in your clothing stores. They are usually located near the accessories such as purses, belts, and …
Jean Jackets in the Summer
Yes, I wear jean jackets in the summer. That sounds kind of crazy since I live in Florida. We all know that summers in Florida are hot and muggy. What you may not know is that we have lots of rain and super cold air conditioning in some businesses.
I'm not one to carry an umbrella and I don't like to be cold when I enter an establishment. If I'm not carrying a shawl, kimono, or light cardigan, you will see me with a jean jacket. I usually roll up the sleeves and toss it on while in air conditioning; and when it's raining, it works great to toss over your head while running to the car. Of course, you still get wet :)

Here I am, ready to run errands. You may notice that the sun is not shining. Clouds are looming overhead and it's actually sprinkling. Time for the jean jacket. I still have on sandals, crops, and even a sleeveless top. After all, it's summer.

Not only do I want to talk to you about jean jackets, but I also want to talk about …
The Perfect Summer Jacket
Do you ever become excited when you find an item of clothing that you absolutely love? That feeling happened to me yesterday  soon after I went to the mailbox and saw a package from Covered Perfectly, an online clothing store. The jacket I ordered arrived sooner than I expected. Needless to say, I couldn't wait to try it on.
Covered Perfectly was established in 2013 by Pauline Durban who, like many of us, was discouraged by the limited clothing styles for women in their 50s, 60s, and beyond. Her purposeis to provide flattering, comfortable clothing forwomen over 50.
Not only is her clothing attractive, it's made in the U.S. How refreshing is that?
I don't know why it took me so long to finally order something, but nonetheless, I finally did after seeing her flowy jacket in a post on Facebook.
The jacket is a black and white design that is 94% MicroModal, a fiber that is derived from beech wood trees. It's soft, silky, and a breathable fabric. She…
Fourth of July Outfit
Loving red, white, and blue, I find dressing in a Fourth of July outfit a fun experience. There are so many ways you can combine these great colors. I chose to go with a darker blue with my crop pants, but the effect is the same, a patriotic look.

The look is simple. I'm wearing my QVC Women in Control crop pants, my Chico white shell, and my kimono that I just listed on Etsy.
For accessories, I chose my blue sandals and my white hat. Because my kimono comes with a red scarf, I added that too! But if it's hot, the scarf is tied onto my purse.

You can see my Etsy listing here. I'm selling it for $19 + $4 shipping. That includes the fun scarf to wear or tie on your purse.
Not only have I been busy with my Etsy shop, I'm also looking at different ideas for future posts.
I just received another silk scarf and am planning some future outfits with it. I find scarves to be so elegant, and they give a completed look to any outfit. This one has navy blue, my…
Silk Scarf Offer
I've mentioned in the past that I love silk scarves, so I decided to offer one for sale on my blog. If it works out, perhaps I'll try selling more. This particular scarf is39 inches square.
It's not a hand painted scarf, or a Herme' quality $200+. I purchased this wholesale, so I am able to offer it at a very reasonable price. The pattern is lovely and full of rich colors.

Here's some pics containing ideas for wearing it:
The first pic shows the scarf folded. You fold it into a triangle and then fold up from the narrow end. Drape over your neck and let it hang down to add color. I chose a blue jacket because of the blue stripes in the scarf.

In the next pic I folded the scarf into a triangle and then tied it off to the side. I added a pink purse to complement the pink in the scarf.

In this pic I simply folded it into a triangle and then tied it in the back of my neck. Notice I'm not wearing anything dressy, just my tan capris and a black shell.

Polka Dot Fun
I love polka dots and what a great time to love them! Polka dots and stripes are always in style and are trending now, so I'm thrilled. If you haven't purchased something in polka dots, consider it. You can find large polka dots and small polka dots, if large dots are not your thing.
Here's a simple look with white shorts and my polka dot top.

Because we are experiencing afternoon rains, I like to bring a jacket with me while I'm out and about. My jean jacket with folded sleeves works well with this outfit. To fold your jean jacket sleeves, first fold up to the elbow and then from the bottom, fold again. Voila!

Another choice is a cotton jacket. I love a medium blue with black and white.

There's something about polka dots. It's a clean print that adds fun and imagination to your creations. Maybe I'll look for red and white polka dots on my next shopping experience :)
Enjoy your day. I hope it's filled with imagination.

Poncho and Kimono
With all the rain this past week, I had a chance to work on my Etsy items. I had two I wanted to post online. I love the material and still have plans for another jacket with this silky, soft fabric.
The poncho was fun to make. I added tassels for detail.

The material is swirls of red and black against a white background. For summer, white is a definite choice with this top. The poncho will fit most women. You can see it here.
My kimono has a scarf or belt that you can wear or tie on your purse.

I almost kept this kimono because it's a great jacket to throw on when you're out and about. It's light, so it's perfect for summer. I didn't take a picture with it belted, but that's another possibility. You can see it here.
Basic pieces at reasonable prices.
Now back to sewing! Enjoy your day!

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Weekend Outfit
I don't know about you, but I become so excited when I finally find a clothing item I've been searching for endlessly. I wanted a new red striped cotton top. Mine was old and ready for the rag bag. I couldn't seem to find a top. Maybe I was being too fussy and maybe I've reached a point in life when I know what I want and am determined to find it.
Regardless of my reasons, I finally found the top at Kohl's. I wanted a true red and white stripe, not an orange red. It was important that the top was long and not clingy, so I could wear most any type of pants and feel comfortable. I also wanted some details, not just a plain tee shirt style. Hence, this Croft and Barrow top met all my requirements. It even has snap-like buttons on the sleeves!

I decided to create a fun weekend outfit by adding white ankle pants and a denim vest. I topped the outfit off with a pair of red croc sandals.

Note the red butterfly pin on the denim vest. An extra fun accessory.
I lo…