Wearing Yellow

I love the colors of nature, especially yellow. My son's daffodils are an example of nature at its best. But to wear the color yellow, I find myself perplexed. Perhaps, I have difficulty because I look better in cool colors and they're only a few cool yellows.

To make yellow work for me, I usually wear it as a bottom color, or if I wear it as a top color, I wear jewelry or scarves to brighten my face. 

In the picture above, I'm wearing a light yellow pair of shorts. I decided to pair them with black. I love black and yellow together. Navy blue works well, too.

In the next picture, I'm wearing a light yellow tank top. Because the yellow is not my best color, I added blue jewelry as well as a white jacket.

If you look better in cool colors, your best yellows are icy yellow and lemon yellow. It's hard to see, but this tank top is a light icy yellow.

If you look best in warm colors, golden yellows are your best bet. Golden yellows look terrific with an ivory white instead of pure white.

Take a look at my cotton yellow scarf on Etsy. It's a medium yellow that should work for most skin tones. It's light and will take you through the summer. You can see it here.

Have a great day, and I hope it's full of sunshine.


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