Wearing Shorts

The temps are rising, so that means a change in wardrobe. Do you bite the bullet and wear shorts? Some of us are not comfortable that shorts are the answer because of our aging legs. However, there are some choices. You may choose to wear shorts just above the knee.

Bermuda length shorts can work for most of us. Try to find shorts that are not baggy. The ones pictured here are my Brigitte shorts from Chico's.

If you're daring, go for a shorter pair. In this picture, I added a long cardigan to make me feel more comfortable.

Notice the cardigan is longer than my shorts given me a little more cover. I also added a black belt with my black top to lengthen my torso since I am high waisted.

Another choice is a trip to the golf apparel department. I love golfing clothes. They have a tailored look and the material is usually has an UPF finish to protect you from the sun. I wore my shorts for golf, but I haven't played for awhile. I now wear them as a regular pair of shorts. In the picture below, I have added one of my Etsy kimono cover ups for a change of pace.

Sticking to a more tailored or dressier pair of shorts keeps the attention off from the legs and more on the whole outfit, especially if you add a nice cardigan or kimono style top. You can see this kimono top on my site here. The top has a lace trim in the back. I also have other kimono tops that would work well with dressier shorts.

Other considerations include skorts (shorts with a skirt) or shorts that fall just below the knee.

Cardigans, kimono cover ups, jewelry, or a statement top are all possibilities to make your shorts look classy, and help you feel more comfortable.

Have a great day! I hope you're experiencing pleasant weather.

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