The Lace Tunic

My post today is two-fold. I want to introduce you to the lace tunic and also give you some ideas for more patriotic outfits. With that being said, I chose an outfit in red, white, and blue. I mixed it up some, so you can see it in two different combinations. And, it all starts with the lace tunic.

I'm sure you've seen this lovely accessory. The lace tunic is simply a pull over top that is meant to wear over a shell, tank top or snug fitting top. The purpose is many. The lace lets the colors show through from the top, and it's a great cover up for our imperfections we may want to hide.

My lace tunic is a simple pull on top that is fairly light. It's a cotton material that works well for summer evenings, but would be too hot for a midsummer day. I accented my lace tunic with a red shell over a blue and white checked pants. I kept with blue shoes, so I was lengthening my legs, though, red or white would work, as well.

In this picture, I'm wearing a navy shell with the blue and white pants. To add a bit of color, I opted for red shoes. Both outfits are perfect for a patriotic look.

You can find lace tunics in other colors besides white. I wanted white for a summer look that will take me into early fall. Actually, I will wear this top in the winter. I know white is for year round, but usually we switch the shade of white in winter. However, I look best in the bright white instead of a cream white. In winter, I may decide to create a black and white outfit.

The lace tunic allows us to wear a top that may be uncomfortable for us to wear without a cover up. This is another choice instead of a jacket, kimono, or cardigan.

Have a wonderful day, and I hope your Mother's Day was special. 


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